Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Conference or No Conference?

Who is going to the ACFW conference this year in September in Indianapolis?

I wanted to go, very badly - especially after seeing the improvements they've made this year and the extra-special-amazing workshops being offered. It's crazy to me how each year the conference is taken to a new level of professionalism and opportunity, but it happens every year! I guess I will comfort myself in realizing that next year when I can hopefully go to St. Louis, it will be even better than this year that I am missing.

I will miss the workshops and learning, of course, but also the fellowship. There's something so therapeutic about seeing old and new friends who share this love of writing and can relate. There's no eye rolling or shaking of the head when you spend an hour debating which actor best represents the character in your mind for your new story. There's no open-mouth shock when you overhear two authors discussing the best way to murder a character in the mountains. Its just nice to be fully understood for a few days!! :)

I'll also really miss the corporate worship time. Its my "youth camp" fix each year. You know how when you were a teenager at church and went to youth camp, the worship was just amazing and the fellowship so bonding? It was a special time you didn't get but once a year and it helped really rejuvenate and inspire you. I love the ACFW worship time - so those who are going, get ready to be blessed!!

Finances this year (lack of!) are keeping me home. Last year I was blessed to attend the conference in Colorado. I had to miss the Minnneapolis trip because my daughter was only a few months ago. The three years before that I went to Dallas twice and Nashville. Such great memories!

For those attending this year, have a wonderful time and I pray God blesses your socks off! And for those staying home, come visit my blog with me and we can commisserate :)

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