Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun new fiction

I'm honored to review (and yes, I did receive these books free from the publisher) the following titles by Waterbrook!

SECRETS - by Robin Jones Gunn

I am ridiculously excited about this novel!!

This is a reprint of the first in Robin's Glenbrooke series, the very series that inspired me to start writing Christian fiction. I read the second in the series, Whispers, and that was when I first felt the call of the Lord to write for Him. I read Secrets next, and wow. I was hooked.

It was my joy and privilege to interview Robin Jones Gunn years later, and boy was I nervous! Now Robin and I have met, enjoyed lunch together at a writer's conference, and email periodically. She's a dear woman of faith and an amazing writer, with a sweet sensitive heart for the Lord and for ministry that shines through her characters. You can never, ever go wrong with one of Robin's books, and if you haven't snatched up the Glenbrooke series yet, you should start ASAP with these fabulous new covers. =)

Next on my list:

DEEP HARBOR by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Isn't this cover beautiful? Lisa is another author I grew up reading, and she is so inspiring. This poignant story of grace, trust, and adventure is an amazing read. I wish I had the first in the series, and must remedy that ASAP =)

Don't miss this series or other books by this fantastic author!

You can purchase these novels and many other great reads at !

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Georgiana said...

I think my daughter is reading the Glenbrook series right now, but the original, loaned to her by friends. That's the thing with teens, if they like a book they tell everyone!