Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trends in Fiction

So has anyone else noticed the sudden trend in Amish fiction? It's everywhere! More than half of the Top 20 Bestsellers in Christian Fiction on the CBD website right now are Amish fiction. Who would have thought? I'm so happy for those authors.

I remember a few years ago at an ACFW conference (American Christian Fiction Writers) that the editors and agents on the panel said the were most definitely NOT looking for historicals or Amish fiction or prairie romances. ..

A lot can change in a few years!

Not long ago, romantic suspense and thrillers were all the rage and now that's slightly on the decline. Same with chick-lit - it was a huge hit several years ago, and now, POOF. Gone. (or not gone-gone, but more like revamped into less snarky, general women's fiction)

It's a pretty unpredictable market. One never knows what readers will gravitate toward. All it takes is one big hit to make the market swing another direction (take Twilight, for example, and the following flux of paranormal novels that followed, even in the Christian Fiction industry)

Do you enjoy Amish fiction? Who are your favorite authors in that genre? What about paranormal? Are you still following the vampire trends?

As much as I enjoy a good historical read (or sparkly vampire read! ha!), I do hope the trend swings another direction soon so other authors can have a chance at getting their "outside the box" works out there. Trends come and go, fads change, and while the Amish novels might withstand the test of time, and even the vampires at that, I hope the market can squeeze in some room for some real jewels they are currently missing. (and no I'm not talking about my own books! lol)

Let's take a poll! Please vote. If you had the choice to ONLY read one genre of Christian fiction for the rest of your life (not just one book but one genre of book) what would it be, from the following list? (if I forgot one, list it for me!)

1. Historicals (including Amish or prairie romances)
2. Contemporary romance
3. Suspense/Thriller
4. Romantic suspense
5. Biblical fiction
6. Paranomal/Fantasy (vampires, werewolves, etc.)
7. Women's fiction
8. Chick Lit

Vote now in the comment section!! =)


Wendy said...

Historicals are my favorite genre -probably because I can transport to that time and really feel the story, if that makes sense.

alisha hagedorn said...


Erica Vetsch said...

I'd choose number one, but not's just not my thing.

I was at that conference where nobody was looking for historicals. It was sobering, since that's what I write. But as you say, the wheel will turn and something new will be on top in awhile.

Georgiana said...

LOL, my answer is so obvious. Chick lit. Someone needs to bring it back! Life is so hard and uncertain sometimes, and that makes chick books so awesome. A hearty laugh is often what I need...and what is missing in most of today's fiction :(

Mindy Blanchard said...


tonya said...

That's really hard to answer. I'm going to say women's fiction because that can encompass both contemporary romance and chicklit!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Whoops! Forgot YA and sci-fi. Thanks for the votes everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Linda said...

I would go with historicals.

Annette M. Irby said...

I'd stick with contemporary romance. :)

Brittanie said...

I like most CF but Romantic suspense is probably my favorite.

jenness said...

That's really hard. I like to mix it up quite a bit. But I guess since I read more Romantic suspense than anything else, I'll have to go with that one. But I love me some chick lit--I'm with G--that needs to come back. And some Biblical fiction. And some contemporary romance. And... :-)

Vanessa said...

If I could only choose ONE, I would have to pick Chick Lit. I sure would miss some of the others though. You have to mix it up.

Lori said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? ;)
I'd pick contemporary stuff (with romance in it...) BUT, I could never give up my dear Jane Austen! She's non-negotiable.