Thursday, February 18, 2010

On hold

So yesterday I was trying to call my mortgage company to ask a question, and it took four different calls, one disconnection on their part, one disconnection on my part, two service reps, one lingering headache, three prayers for patience - and yes, I believe, a partridge in a pear tree - to talk to the right person about the right thing at the right time.

In the meantime, I got to enjoy hold music throughout every aspect of the above process.

This soundtrack wasn't typical elevator music that played and faded into a new song. No, this was an operator's voice, informing me to hold and that my call was "important" (yes, I screamed "liar" at her more than once.) Then she'd click away and I'd get a musical version of Boston's "More Than A Feeling", which used to be a very enjoyable song, that I can now never hear again without awful flashbacks. The twangy, single-note ditty would play forever, which truly was an insult to the song in the first place. It sounded as if someone sat down with a triangle and dinged away one of history's greatest ballads. Then, with another click, the operator would again inform me of my vast importance to their overall well-being.

The worst part was that every time the line would click to give me the operator or the music, I would jump, thinking "finally, a person!" only to be accosted with one or the other yet again. Finally, I was connected and handled my business and decided, after many diet cokes later, that the ordeal had been worth it.

Sometimes it seems like our life is set on an infinite hold, doesn't it? We go through daily routines, feeling dull and unmotivated. Every day feels like the same with nothing to look forward to.

But just as bad news can come suddenly out of the woodworks, so can good news. And as Christians we have the hope and joy of Jesus to get us through the wait. His grace, mercy, patience, and gentle guidance is so much more beautiful to our ears than cheap hold music.

If you're discouraged today, if you're on hold and losing patience fast (much like I am at times) and ready to throw the phone through the dining room window, take a deep breath. Block out the repetitious noise of the world's hold music and strain to hear the subtle whisper of Jesus. He loves you, and He has great plans for you (and me!) that will be worth the wait. Trust Him.


Haelie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder!

Becky said...

Thank you for this! Just what I needed to hear. By the way, I know exactly what you mean about the gets me almost every time. (I thought for sure it was someone picking up "this time"!)