Monday, February 08, 2010

Black and Gold Monday

Black and gold, baby!!

You know I couldn't pass up posting on the win, especially since I was almost alone in my Saints-fan-ism like time I checked here!! hehe.
There is something so romantic about the underdog coming through at the end! I love stories like that, and even more so of course when it's my home team =) I hopw Saints fans and non fans alike will agree that they deserved it. They came a long way, played hard, and made history in more ways than one!!
It was nice to hear that all of the official predications before the game had the Colts winning, but not by that much. At least people believed in us to some degree all along...
Now, their tune has somewhat changed! ::grin:: And they don't have a choice. Gotta love proof.

Who all watched the game? It was SO GOOD! And not just because we won, but because it was just simply interesting. Blow out games are nice sometimes but I like the more intense action, the back and forth, the "agggghhhhh" moments! There were plenty of those!!
I have to admit, one of my favorite moments of the game was text messaging some smack talk to my good friend and Colts-fan. Her response? "Wait! What I'd miss? I was eating a cream puff."

This pic just gets me every time!

What was your favorite commercial? The baby ones had me cracking up!! And the Clydesdale/steer was sweet. All the Dorito ones were hilarious. What was your fav?

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Lori said...

I like the Dorito's one with the little boy laying down the rules. :)

Anonymous said...
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Georgiana said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Ok wait...who told you I was a Colts fan? No no no. I just wasn't FOR anyone. Hee hee. That's why I was off eating creme puffs.

My favorite moment was getting texted by you telling me what happened...all the while my family is behind with Tivo. Then a controversial play comes up and I say, "I think there needs to be a challenge. I think he scored." And everyone told me why they shouldn't challenge and why it wasn't good. Then after commercial, they challenged and it was good. For about 60 seconds I looked REALLY smart until someone realized I knew by text!

Betsy St. Amant said...

LOL! Love it. Glad to help boost your ego, G, even if its temporary. lol