Thursday, July 16, 2009


More Reviews!
Click HERE to visit Tiff Amber Miller at her blog and win a free copy of RETURN TO LOVE!
Also, HERE to check out a review by Ppreacherswife!
I'm so very pleased with the reviews I'm getting. What a blessing! I'm sure there will be someone, somewhere, eventually who doesn't love RETURN TO LOVE - reading is so subjective, its just inevitable! - but hopefully I will miss seeing their bad review. Haha! =)
Thanks to everyone for enjoying my story. I hope you will all pick up the sequel and else what happens to Lori in A VALENTINE'S WISH February 2010!
Happy reading!

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Georgiana said...

LOL!!! Well....IF you get a bad review, I hope you miss it too. (That just cracks me up!)