Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

I love storms.

Well, let me clarify. I love storms when my husband is home, we're snuggly with lots of lights on and some good books laying around, playing with Little Miss on the floor, cooking dinner and enjoying the drizzly sound of the rain against the roof...

I do NOT like storms when Hubby is working, the bottom of the sky is about to fall out on my muddy yard, and Little Miss freaks with every burst of thunder.

Welcome to today! =)

I was supposed to have today "off" to work on my new novel proposal, vacuum, get a few things done (Audrey is terrified of said vacuum, therefore its much easier and less tearful to do it when she's at Nana's!) etc. while Audrey visited with Nana (my mom). We arranged to meet and "switch" at a church about halfway between my house and my mom's. Well, we failed to realize the giant swatch of red coming across the radar from Texas, and ended up being out driving in the worst of it. Streets are flooding, fast, and it was pretty scary. Needless to say, we couldn't switch at the church or anywhere without a cover. We both needed some caffeine, so we said we'd try at Sonic under the awning and get a drink. We got to Sonic, and the lights flickered and went out twice there, and the wind was so strong the rain was blowing in sheets UNDER the awning. We then went straight to my mom's, and literally, it was "over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go". The streets are awful.

So, the desire to have a few productive hours at home alone were swapped for the desire to just keep me and my daughter safe! This was a scary one. So, Little Miss is now napping with Nana and I'm working on my proposal - here, at her house. Where we will stay. lol

Atleast until that nasty red is long gone!

How about you? Love storms? Hate storms? I really do like them when the conditions are right. lol Today, they were NOT.


Erica Vetsch said...

I love storms as long as we're all safe inside. Snow is beautiful if you're not out driving in it. Rain is lovely on the windowpanes as long as I'm on the inside of the glass.

Glad you've got a safe-haven, and I hope your proposal writing goes well. I'm working on one myself today. :)

TheFancyFritter said...

Awe! Sorry about your crazy day! I'm glad you were able to at least get a little bit done! I do not like storms very much either! I was at Michelle's house when we were little & lighting struck it! It scared us so bad! We'll have to tell you that story soon! LOL

I hope the rest of your day has been better & drier! :)


Georgiana said...

love love love storms. Don't have nearly enough here in the AZ high country :( Can you send your swatch of red our way???