Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This was me this morning, after realizing that my internet was down, and not coming back on with the standard tricks.

In fact, that's still me, because I'm at my mom's house writing this blog - still no internet at home. My dad has been a computer tech for 20+ years, so I know the usual tricks. Restart. Reboot. Reconnect. Try again. What lights are blinking? Ethernet or USB connection? Is the green light on the modem blinking or solid? What, its not on at all? Yep, you're screwed.

Well that's how it felt anyway. lol I spent a good part of today on the phone with the tech support people of my internet company, who basically asked me the same questions and made me retry all the steps I already knew and had already tried twice each, in various forms.

They finally boiled it down to I need a new cable, which might or might not be true, but I finally stopped trying to convince them otherwise and took their word for it in order to keep my sanity. So my dad has an extra cable, and we'll see if it works tonight at home. Sigh.

If not, I might not get to blog tomorrow. So if I'm MIA, then, well, just re-read this post and it will be like a brand new day, because nothing will have really changed. =)


Georgiana said...

That's totally poopy. I really hope you're back online tomorrow. It's ever-so-lonely w/o you :)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Sorry to hear this, Betsy. Just think of it as your unplug week if the problem persists and get lots of great writing in. We'll miss your posts, though.

Erica Vetsch said...

:( I'm hoping you've solved the issue. I get a wee bit cranky when my Internet is down. :)