Friday, October 31, 2008

Tricks and Treats - Halloween not so Happy!!

I really don't like Halloween!

I like the church carnival part and the candy part of course, but the rest pretty much stinks.

For example, some people are dressed up in my big work building, including a young boy whose father works the shoe shine station here in my bank tower lobby. (I work in a 24-story buidling) This boy is probably 11 or so, very polite and sweet, and often comes up to my floor to see if my boss would like a shoe shine (my boss uses their services frequently)

Well I had to leave my desk for a moment a little while ago, and when I came back I heard that the boy came up to see if anyone needed a shine, and since I wasn't at my desk - instead of waiting for me to get back - he just started wandering the halls! Not a huge deal in itself, just very unprofessional and my boss would NOT have liked it...but he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a Scream mask!!!

My coworker, the girl who found him wandering (after he scared her to half to death!!) told him to just check back later because she didn't know what else to say. So now I'm sitting here waiting for him to come back in with that mask on!! Ugh.

I really don't like Halloween. I don't remember it being this bad when I was little. I remember dressing up in a Minnie Mouse costume and trick or treating my grandma's neighborhood. Costumes were cute, not scary, and neighborhoods were safe. (we were always with an adult, of course) But seems the evil is more potent, the underlying meaning behind actions and costumes trashier than ever before (what's with female teenagers and grown women thinking they have to dress up in something slutty just because its Halloween?? What happened to Minnie Mouse!??!) and candy dangerous unless its from a known neighbor or church group.


However, tonight is a church carnival outreach in our community, to which I will take my daughter, who will be the cutest Tootsie Roll the world has ever seen. =)

Pics soon to come!!!

And might I add that just because its a wordly, evil holiday today, doesn't mean God won't still somehow get the glory. It's rightfully His!!! =)


Georgiana said...

I'm sure she will be the cutest Tootsie Roll!

UGH--I'll be soooo glad when today is over. Like my tots and I say, we don't like spiders and cobwebs, skulls and scary stuff. We like butterflies and rainbows and ponies. LOL--it's an easy way to break it down for my kidlets.

Rachel said...

The original intent behind all of the Halloween celebrations was pretty evil and bound up in demon worship. Research the history and beginnings of Halloween sometime. I don't celebrate it because ALL of the traditions have their roots in Druid devil worship.

I'm not the least bit surprised that the evil inherent with the day is growing more potent. But what I find the saddest part of all is how many Christians have been sucked into celebrating a "harmless holiday".