Thursday, October 30, 2008

Proud Mama Boasting...

Okay, so here are some new pics of my Little Miss.

I think this has become an addiction...but I mean really, how can I stop? And more importantly, why on earth would I want to? hehe. =)

Bundled up for the new cold weather!

Chillin' with Mama at church (in the bathroom because we got fussy during the loud worship concert. haha)

I love this one!!!!

Hanging out with Daddy in our bunny PJs

So the above reason is why I don't get to write as much during the evenings as I used to. (but oh what a good reason!) =)

My writing time is now condensed to lunch breaks and snippets here and there are ideas strike. But you know what? I'm almost as productive now as I was before I had Audrey. I believe God is blessing the time I can devote to writing because I'm being obedient to Him in regards to my family. I'm trying my hardest to keep my priorities straight and not stress over the lack of productivity in other areas of my life.

I'm learning how to let my Type A tendencies loosen a bit. Dishes in sink? That's okay, Audrey is happy, and that's what matters. Laundry needing to be hung up? It can wait, I'm snuggling with my daughter. Living in a house that's not 100% perfect all the time doesn't bother me nearly as much as I used to imagine it would.

Life is good. Everything gets done eventually, I'm learning important lessons along the way, and blessings are falling everywhere from our God of grace.

And when my Little Miss grins at me and kicks those Bunny-feet, I know I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to! =)


Georgiana said...

I think it's great that you're letting up on yourself a bit. You really ARE doing what you're supposed to be, and that's fantastic.

PS. You guys have a super nice church bathroom =P

Erica Vetsch said...

What a sweet baby.

It sounds like you've got your priorities right, and you'll never regret spending time with you daughter. They grow up whiz-bang fast and you'll be grasping every moment you have left for your child to be little.

Enjoy, and don't feel guilty!