Monday, October 27, 2008

The Shape of Mercy - again...

This was such an amazing book I had to post about it twice. Earlier, I hadn't yet read the book and posted the default info from the publisher. Now, however, I MUST share my opinion....


This is such an amazing story. The kind you read and forget is fiction. The kind you want to read again and again because you can't get it out of your head. The kind that makes you find yourself telling everyone you know about it, whether they care or not. =)

I've realized something over the last several months - my favorite books are the ones that incorporate something true from real life (a person, legend, historicial event, etc.) and blend it with a fictional story. For example, in this novel, Lauren, a college student, takes a job transcribing a diary from the 1600's for this old, retired librarian. The diary was written from one of the accused witches during the Salem Witch Trails.

BAM - you're interested, right away, aren't you? I was!

Think about other books and movies over the years that have done something similar. The Da Vinci Code, for example. I'm not saying I support that novel or its content, but I think it was a best seller because of the premise - the mystery and intrigue of the "what if". Everyone knows the Mona Lisa. Or take National Treasure - the movie with Nicholas Cage. Who wouldn't be interested in a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence? Its exciting to blend real life and fiction.

In this particular story, the diary was written by Mercy Hayworth - not a real person during the Salem witch trails, but in Mercy's fictional account, she mentions real names from history, making it all blend together and causing you to feel that you've peering over the pages as she writes.

Please read this one for yourself. I really believe you'll feel the same way I do. =)

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