Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome, Winter

Winter is here.

It arrived silently during the night, catching us all off guard. Yesterday was a little warm with a cool breeze - the kind that makes you want to sit outside in the sun in short sleeves and bask in the rays. The day before that was actually a little hot.

This morning, however - BRRRRRRR.

I ran (literally) from bed to take a hot shower, (after making sure Audrey's blanket was still covering her in her crib - she's a kicker!) and after a few minutes discovered the water pressure was way off. As in, barely on. Then, this city-girl-turned-country realized that DUH - we had yet to cover our well. We had talked about building a little house of sorts over it like you see people having....and we talked about it last July when we moved. When its 100+ degrees you tend to forget the urgency.

When it's 34 degrees and you're unable to ge the shampoo out of your hair, you remember quite vividly.

So that's hubby's project today. Find someone to insulte the pipes under the house and find a way to cover the well.

Welcome, winter. Welcome.

And oh, between my little-water shower, and the static from these fuzzy socks I thought would be warm with my boots, and the houndstooth jacket I'm wearing - this is what my hair looks like...


Jennye said...

Ha! Sounds alot like my morning with my heater that doesnt work! It was 59degrees inside my house this AM! Hence the reason I couldnt make myself get out of bed & go to work early (or... well, not even on time) hehe :)~

Betsy Ann said...

I know! Ours was 62 degrees!!! BJ turned the heater on before he left and set it to 70. That should help. Its supposed to warm up today but not by much - only 65.

Georgiana said...

62 degrees inside the house?! We were shivering (and snuggling) at 69 degrees. It'd probably be cheaper to throw a few more blankets on the bed. Cute pic!!!!! You'd better get that well covered!