Thursday, November 29, 2012

To review or not to review...

Question today for readers and other authors alike - do you post book reviews?

If so, do you post them for every book you read, or just the ones you love, or just the ones you hate? Do you post reviews in exchange for free books from a publisher? Or do you post reviews from books you purchase? Or both?

And where do you post reviews, if you do? Amazon, B&N, your personal blog, facebook? Why do you choose the site you choose?

I'm just curious and gaining data on the topic for today. I'd love any feedback at all! :)

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Anonymous said...

I do post book reviews in exchange for free books, but also books I purchase or get from the library.

I post them for almost all books I read. The ones I don't are those that are so philosophical I don't understand them (2), books that authors claim that are Christian and are so off base I can't read them.

Otherwise, I post on those I love and those that I don't appreciate for specific reasons, but the latter I explain why while trying to give good aspects as well, such as those that get into the demonic world and open up avenues that are harmful to readers.

I post on my blog, Amazon, BN, goodreads, CBD, FB, Twitter, and wherever ping-o-matic sends them (around 15+). I choose the sites to get a large base of contacts.