Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving festivities

Apparently Thanksgiving is a big deal at preschool ;)

This week my Little Miss has a Thanksgiving feast, complete with wearing paper Pilgrim/Indian oufits (Are they still saying Indian in schools these days? Or is that not PC anymore? I guess it's Native Americans. Been really confusing trying to explain to her who Columbus is vs "but weren't the Indians there first?" Haha, leave it to the four year old to dive into the biggest debate in American history ::wink::), Turkey crafts, lessons in thankfulness, and...she got to disguise a turkey. 

Yep. They each had a turkey coloring page to design a disguise for, so the turkey wouldn't get gobbled up for Thanksgiving. It was hilarious. One student made hers into a Pinkalicious character (do you know those children stories?) another was a bat, and of course, Little Miss made hers into a Princess. It was quite glamorous. 

How fun! :)  I'm telling you, a week of "adult preschool" would probably bring world peace. I mean, really. Crafts. Snacks. Naps. Lessons in sharing and gratitude. Do you see my point?

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Besides the pumpkin pie because that's just, like, a given ;)

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