Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grace & Politics

So yesterday I sort of got myself in trouble on Facebook because in a rare moment, I vented about something political/spiritual. Should have seen that coming! I learned my lesson - not necessarily that I shouldn't ever share my opinions or views, but that I need to get ALL the facts straight, and need to pray before posting even if I'm well versed on the topic.

Basically, I vented about the Hobby Lobby controversy - you know, how they're being forced (along with other Christian businesses) to increase their insurance policies to include the morning after pill for employees. I've read a lot about the morning after pill over the past few years, and believed it to be the equivalent of an abortion pill.

However, I was provided with a ton of info that actually contradicted that view. Some believe that to be true but medically/technically, the morning after pill is PREVENTATIVE. Not a "fix" if you're already pregnant from the night before. In essence, it's like a super big dose of a birth control pill.

Hobby Lobby said they were not opposed to birth control, but opposed to the morning after pill. They apparently see it differently. I guess it boils down to when you believe life is conceived.

Now there's FB sites dedicated to a Hobby Lobby boycott from upset women. I'm now wanting to spend ALL my money at Hobby Lobby because I'm so proud of them for standing up for their faith.

I'd love your opinions on this hairy topic! How do you see it?
(it's also really hard to trust 100% any news article you read on any topic lately, because it's so slanted)


Amy Leigh Simpson said...

I love your honesty... and yes, I too love Hobby Lobby! :)

Georgiana Daniels said...

Hairy, indeed!

I think private businesses shouldn't be forced to do anything against their beliefs, regardless of medical technicalities. Makes me wish we had a Hobby Lobby here!