Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's in it for you?

I've been doing some thinking lately about priorities, and perspective. The two dreaded P's that almost always come with a built in guilt trip! ;) 

And I came upon a question. I had to ask myself and I'm going to ask you. (haha, probably should have skipped my blog today!)

For all you authors out there...would you rather be guaranteed significant royalty checks for your entire writing career, or know that your words helped lead 10 people to Christ?


Why do you write? Why do you want to get published, if you're not so far? REALLY, why?

Honesty can be ugly.

And if you're not an author, don't think you get away from it. :) The same question applies to you too - just fill in the blank.

Would you rather get the next big boost up the career ladder at work, or know that by staying in the underpaid position you're in, someone will come to know Christ because of your influence?

Would you rather finally be able to afford that sweet new loaded SUV, or take that down payment and give it to the struggling single mom at your church God placed on your heart?

Heavy Thursday, isn't it? :)

I had to do some evaluating, not because I received such an offer about royalties, but after getting some not-so-thrilling news. This was followed by some much more positive news, but in that downtime, I had to decide. Why am I writing? Or is it for money and accomplishment and success and X or X...or is it for the kingdom? The right answer was easy to say out loud, but was it in my heart?

Is it in yours?

I can tell you honestly right now - the letters, emails and feedback I see via reviews, blog posts and cards in the mail from readers of my novels mean more to my heart and bless me more than any royalty check has ever . Oh sure, there's been timedones in my marriage where God used that royalty check to provide for us and take care of us, and that meant a WHOLE lot, but that was still Holy intervention. Holy intervention is why I write. And I hope to never forget that. 

Why do you write? Why do you write? Why do you have the hobby you have or the at home business you have or the things you have?


Tonya said...

I've been going through a time if thinking about this too!!! In all aspects of my life, not just writing. I honestly don't have all the answers yet and am still working through things.

I know the *correct* answer is saying to live for Christ first and foremost but that doesntnalways translate into actions and motives, does it?

I've been taking a hard look at my priorities, how I want to use my energy, how/what/why I want to write, what my expectations are, and about the mindset I want to have in general.

I was working through it moderately ok and then some one said something particulary harsh and hurtful a few weeks ago. She's a toxic "friend" I really did need to cut her out of my life, I did BUT her words still kinda haunt me and though I'm normally not an angry person I want to rip her a new one! This coming from a girl that has been told no matter how firm I try to be, it'll NEVER be firm. I've been feeling this conviction I really need to forgive her despite w/e she may do. And in that its causing me to ask myself even more questions about how I really view things.

Emily said...

My new favorite blog post! Thanks for writing it! You're awesome!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Thanks Emily! :)

And Tonya, wow, great thoughts girl. God is definitely doing a work! Stay open to His prompting. It's so hard to forgive when you know the other person isn't even repentant. Will be praying for you!