Monday, August 27, 2012

Every house has a story...

So last weekend I stayed here...

Memory Lane Craft and Scrapbook Retreat in Tyler, Texas. :)

I went with a group of ladies including my mom and sister, who all scrapbooked and crafted whilel I wrote! Then I finished my writing projects and finished up an online digital scrapbook I've been working on sporadically of a beach trip last summer. Gotta love productivity!

But most note worthy - I LOVED the house. It must be the writer in me - this house totally has a story. Old fashioned, two story, high ceilings, squeaky wood floors. Vintage decorations and trap doors and stuffy attics and closets in the bathroom and brass pipe showers and everything gold and gilded and plastered and beveled and fabulous. Murals on the ceilings in one of the bedroom, statues, gorgeous wallpaper...I wanted to kick everyone out and buy it and live there myself. Or at least as a summer home ;)

It's noted on the retreat's website that the house was the former residence of a U.S. Senator and a crowned Miss America, and previous guest celebrities include President Ronald Reagan and Donnie and Marie Osmond. Sweet!!

I highly recommend if you're in the Tyler, TX area. It's set up for groups, and isn't a typical B&B for couples or singles though that's still doable I'm sure. We all brought our own food and snacked while we worked and hit a few restaurants here and there, to get away from our workstations for a bit (which are set up downstairs on the first floor near a big flat-screen TV and huge movie library. Everyone had their own work station table with comfy leather chair and shelves and yes - a cup holder!

Was a wonderful weekend!


Tonya said...

This looks like such a cool place! I have to go look at the website :) glad you had fun

Angela Verges said...

I love it! It looks like a great place to write.