Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heroes of the faith...

So in Sunday School this past week we were talking about heroes of the faith, and how God can and really does use ANYONE for His plans. No baggage is too heavy for His will, no reputation too tarnished or sin too big.

What a relief :)

Look at David. He was the one who it was said in the Bible "was a man after God's own heart". Wow, how's that for an endorsement?? Yet he sinned big time - adultry and murder. Look at Elijah. He had the power from God to call down fire from Heaven and burn up a water drenched offering and make the false god Baal look like a straight up goober - yet after that faithfilled event, he turned and fled in fear from Jezebel (somehow, I just KNOW she wore too much makeup). Look at Paul, who used to be Saul, who was the #1 killer of Christians. Goodness. For that matter, look at ALL of the disciples - they immaturely squabbled over who was the best Christian and Jesus's favorite, yet they had the power of the Lord to cast out demons and perform miracles in Christ's name.

I'm pretty sure we aren't any worse. Not better, either - definitely not. We're all sinners, saved by grace. But we have God's power in us like they did. Maybe not in the same specific ways, because times were different then. They didn't have the Bible and the Holy Spirit's prompting at that time. God generously provided those signs and wonders and miracles to show His power. Now, we have that power in a different sense, but just as real. We have prayer. We have faith. We have the ability to witness and lead someone to Christ.

But how often do we plug into that power and USE it?

Yikes. Not often enough.

That's your thought for today, and mine too. Are we plugging into God's power? Are we accessing the Holy Spirit in a way that makes a difference in our lives AND in the lives of others? And if not, how can we start doing so?

The answers are simple but true.

1. Read your Bible. STUDY it. Not just skim pages.
2. Pray. Not just "Thanks for today, God, bless my family andeveryoneintheworldamen" but real heartfelt prayer. Prayer that includes praise as well as requests.
3. Hush. We like to do all the talking with God, but sometimes, we just gotta shut it up and let Him speak to us. Otherwise, how do we know how to proceed?
4. Go to church, fellowship with other believers, etc. We can't do this journey alone. We need support from other believers.
5. Talk about out faith - not hide it and try to blend in with the world. Christ called us to be different from the world. We still have to live in it but we aren't to be OF it. Are you set apart? Act like it!

Now, don't get me wrong. I need significant practice in all of the above myself. I'm preaching to the choir today :)  Just want to share what I'm learning in Sunday School since its so powerful and so applicable to daily lives. Hope it's encouraging someone!

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Dixie n Dottie said...

Small world! We are learning about Heroes of the Faith in S.S. as well. We have been studying Hebrews 11 for a couple months now. Your post is so true and I was encouraged by it! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!