Thursday, August 02, 2012

Did ya, did ya?!?

So I think the question everyone is asking today is...did you eat at Chick Fila yesterday?? Did ya, did ya??!?

Ha. JK. Sort of.

Well, sadly, not really.

I was debating on submerging myself into the chaos for supper Wednesday night when I saw on FB and the news that our main location was SOLD OUT OF FOOD. All food. Not "we're out of chicken sandwiches" but "we're out of everything and shutting down."

I have to admit, that's pretty awesome.

I had a conviction yesterday, though, as I sat in front of my "I asked for no mayo but got it anyway" burger at Burger King.

For all the drama this debate about Chick Fila caused, all the arguing, all the debates, all the hurt feelings, all the self inflicted self righteousness, all the STUFF...did it change anything? Did it help? Did it do anything but overflow CF's cash registers (which is fine with me, I support them fully and their beliefs!) and create division among professing Christians? Or division among Christians and non Christians? Or any other mixture of the two?

Probably not. Maybe it raised awareness. Maybe there were a few productive conversations, but truly, all the ones I came across were pretty fired up and not necessarily in a good way.

I posted a FB comment that was true to me, and not just in relation to Chick Fila, but other things right now in my life. I wrote on my wall "When did pleasing people become more important than pleasing God and taking Him at His Word?"

When did it?

People are all about tolerance and not offending, but too often, that mindset doesn't extend both ways. Christians and Dan C of Chick Fila are supposed to be tolerant to the homosexual community, but they're not supposed to be tolerant of his beliefs in return? I don't get it. He didn't talk hate speech. He didn't judge or condemn them. Just said "this is what I think and believe and here's why". He was ASKED. He didn't just scribble on a picket sign randomly and start marching around town.

I. Don't. Get. It.

PS - there's a gay guy that works the Chick Fila I go to the most often. I really, really wish I could get his feedback on this. Because I'm pretty sure he works there for the paycheck and the nice atmosphere like everyone else. Because whether you support homosexuals or not, you have to admit, Chick Filas are typically some of the cleanest fast food joints in the nation.


I know most of the Christians I found speaking up on social media (most) had good intentions when they talked about this. (like I do). They intended to speak up for the Bible and its truth and point out that God makes the rules not us. And that's true. That's what we SHOULD do - but I still think we all went about it in totally the wrong way, and the devil is snorting behind his hand right now.

We shouldn't start wars and act holier than thou. We shouldn't judge or condemn or lift our chins or preach just for the sake of being right. We're supposed to love. And God has the final say over sins - all sins. Just like I've said from the beginning, I have the same opinion of a homosexual living in sin for their lifesetyle as I do a straight man living in adultry with his mistress. But no one is talking about the fact that sin is sin, and Christians are trying to point out God's word and His wisdom. They're judging us for judging them. It's messy and ugly and none of it has anything to do with God.

Back to my conviction.
What if all these people (straight or otherwise, Christian or otherwise) who got SO riled up over this whole chicken thing, took ONE action step toward a good deed for others? Like supporting a child through World Vison? What if just HALF of those chicken eaters or chicken haters decided to speak up for those with no voice? Orphans. Widows. (who the Bible clearly tells us to take care of, but we're so busy arguing about chicken sandwiches that kids are dying and no one notices) Those submerged in poverty and unable to get out. In America AND beyond.

What if?


Laura Jackson said...

You are saying exactly what I've been thinking.
Anytime Christians speak the truth of the Word of God, we are blasted as judgemental even if it's said in love.

I've had several friends posting about love, love, love, and while I TOTALLY agree, I think they are hiding behind "I'm just going to love and not judge" to avoid having to say what they really think. Does that make sense? I worry about this attitude.

I heard from a few people that people should have been giving that money yesterday to charity. I would bet most people who went to Chick-Fil-A yesterday in support are also giving in other ways. I stopped by CFA, but I also give to my church, charities, and even World Vision. I started giving to World Vision when I was in high school, and I love it. So, I don't think these people who showed up took money away from charity and gave it to CFA. I think they used the money they were planning to spend on food that day and chose to spend that money at CFA instead of Wendy's...that's what I did.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Great points!