Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big girls don't cry?

The verdict is still out!

Tomorrow I'm dropping my baby girl off at preschool, and because it's an advanced gateway program, (so proud of her!) the hours are all day, like kindergarten. She had to get a school supply list and backpack and nap mat and lunchbox just like kindergarten too. I joined the PTA. Bought T-shirts and spirit pizza days for the year. Volunteered for commitees and field trips. This is LEGIT school.


She got too smart, that's what happened. lol

While I'm so proud and excited for her and know this is what is best, I'm still a little freaking out on the inside. This is a huge opportunity for her and this advanced program will stay with her entire school career and open doors for us that wouldn't have otherwise regarding school districts and such. We are SO blessed. But...she's still my baby! Sniff.

We'll see if I cry in the morning. I'm a big girl, but so is she now, which makes this big girl wanna boo hoo!!! (and puff with motherly pride at all God is doing through my babygirl!) It's going to be great. :)

Pics to come! :)

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