Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sticky notes and markers and folders, oh my!

It's almost August! Where is the year going?

One good notes - it's time to be buying school supplies. I can't wait!! :)

Little Miss will be attending an all day, advanced preschool this Fall and I'm waiting to get her list of supplies. I used to love going to Wal-Mart or somewhere with my mom during my elementary school days and pick out new Trapper Keepers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, pens, pencil boxes, gluesticks...it was all awesome.

Oh and don't forget those tye-dyed, animal folders by Lisa Frank (wasn't that her name? I was so raised in the late 80's/early 90's!) lol  LOVE that stuff! Never gets old!

Do you have supplies to buy this year? Or as writers/authors, do you keep yourself loaded up with the good stuff year round? :)

I will say, its super hard to be thinking of "back to school" when it's still 100 degrees outside. Thankfully Little Miss has a few more weeks before her school starts but most public schools in this area are starting soon. What happened to summer?

Oh my GOSH it's almost time to be thinking of Christmas lists.....yikes.....


Carissa said...

As a college student I love the back to school sales. It's the perfect time to stock up the notebooks and paper, notebooks, pens and pencils that I will need for both semesters.

I to also remember the Lisa Frank folders and notebooks for my elementary school days. They still make those folders to.

Carissa said...

The back to school sales are the perfect time for me as a college student to stock up the supplies that I need for both semesters.

I remember those Lisa Frank folders and notebooks from my elementary school days. They still make Lisa Frank school supplies. I discovered that taking my sister school shopping.