Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of deadlines and cu-cu clocks

I can't spell cu cu clock. Cuckoo? Cucoo? Cu-Cu? Help. lol

My Little Miss saw a cuckoo clock (?) on a cartoon awhile back and called her Pappaw (who collects clocks at his house) to get her one for her birthday. It was really sweet. I figured they might find her a toy one or a cheap one somewhere or that she'd forget about it or whatever.

Oh no. After her party Saturday, she got a phone call to come to their house. I took her over and there on the wall was a cuckoo clock. A real, wooden, pretty, carved cuckoo clock with a little white bird that pops out and the works. Hangs on the wall with the pendelum and dangly things (can you tell I know a lot about clocks? LOL) and the whole shebang. She was ecstatic.

My husband was not. LOL. Despite that it doesn't go off at night, his face was PRICELESS. She insist it go in her room, and we're all too happy to oblige. He's planning his revenge now, muttering something about the game "hungry hungry hippos" for their house. hahaha.

Me? I just see another countdown to my rapidly apporaching deadline ;)  One that cuc-koos at me.

(okay seriously how do you spell cuckoo??)

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