Thursday, July 19, 2012

A fresh page...

Who else loves a blank page?

The fresh start of "Chapter One"? I love the beginning. It's so intimidating and challenging and enocuraging because - anything goes. I can write anything I want. The opportunities are endless. It's also a little overwhelming, because, well, the opportunities are endless! lol

Regardless - I started a new book proposal today and got most of it done, including the 4 page synopsis. I'm really excited about this story and hope my editor agrees ;)

For all you writers out there, do you love or dread that blinking cursor against a sea of white? For readers out there, do you ever give a lot of thought into opening lines or first pages? What is a favorite first line of yours? :)


Tonya said...

It all depends. If I have an idea i feel good about & have some idea of where it's going I love it! No idea and no clue, not so much.

I'm excited for the new book idea :) is it romance or YA?

Ashley said...

Dread it. Lol. And, unfortunately, often go too far out of my way to avoid it. *sigh*

Betsy St. Amant said...

Thanks Tonya! I just turned in my full manuscript for a novel releasing through Love Inspired for next Spring. It's called THE RANCHER NEXT DOOR. I'm working now on a proposal for my LI editor for a sequel. :) Also still waiting to hear on some YA proposals that have been out for a bit. We'll see what God does :)

Philip Scriber said...

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