Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ode to summer

My summer so far has been a blur of birthdays (both hubby's and Little Miss's), church events, swim classes (8 total over a two week period) and summer school (two days a week) for Little Miss, book deadlines and Forum newspaper deadlines for me, and endless errands. How many times can a person actually go to the bank, post office, dry cleaners, and Wal-Mart in one month? I'm thinking I'm going to find out the world's max quota...

Not to mention yesterday we spent over 600 on tires for my car and hubby's motorcycle. WHEW.

Things are finally wrapping up. Deadlines are met. Birthdays are over. Swim classes are halfway through as is summer school. The errands have been made for now. And the snowcones have been consumed ;)

What have you been doing this summer? Are you running the roads or are you relaxing in the AC? Are you meeting deadlines/goals or are you struggling to keep up? I'm just grateful this is mid July and its only 90's here so far. We had several weeks in a row of good rain, and it's helped hold off the typical north Louisiana 100+ degrees a bit. Thanks God!

What are you thankful for today?

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