Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Being Brave

We took Little Miss to see the Disney movie Brave the other day, and she LOVED it. It was really cute though I have to admit -  not as good as Tangled. The animation was fabulous though especially with Merida's long red curly hair. I totally want to visit Scotland and Ireland now, and Little Miss has been running around with her $10 wooden bow I got her a craft fair last year, muttering about magic spells and practicing to be as good as Merida. haha. Hopefully she doesn't turn me into a bear....

Have you seen Brave? What did you think?

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Carissa said...

Haven't seen it yet but Brave is on my to see list. Even though I am technically too old for Disney movies I am thrilled that Disney has a princess with freckles.

Ashley said...

I watched Brave the other day and I agree that it was not as good as Tamgled. But then, I do prefer a love story... :)