Monday, July 30, 2012

National Geographic

I feel like I've stumbled into my own personal, living magazine edition of National Geographic. I know living in the country means bugs, but OH MY GOSH. Wasps and dirt dobbers and other flying things at my door and on my porch. Horse flies in the covered carport area. Ants out the wazoo. Moths and dragon flies (usually mating, ew) buzzing every which way. Flies. Bees. Hornets. Yellow jackets. I'm not kidding. ALL of those, all the time.

We have Permatox come spray every two months, inside and outside the house, and thank goodness because lately the bugs I've been finding have at least been dead.

And side note - why can I not ever find a bug when my husband is actually HOME? Murphy's law at its finest! I'm the girl who usually will kill it and leave the shoe on top of it for him to clean up when he gets home. Yeah, I'm so THAT girl. But he knew before he married me, soooo - his fault. ;)

Today, for example, I pulled out the bottom drawer under the oven where I keep my cookie sheets and pizza pans, etc. to put away a pan. When I shut it, I saw Spider-zilla. Lurking. Dusty, half under that drawer space. Just far enough out where I could see him, but too far underneath still for me to wield a trusty boot.

I actually finished putting away the dishes first, keeping one eye on him and the other attempting not to stroke out from my pounding heart. Yes, I'm a sissy girlie girl but that was a BIG spider. And it was furry. FURRY!!!!

I decided I needed to scoot it out with something then smash it. So I grabbed....a Swiffer. Used the stick end. And scooted him, ready to slam him with my husband's shoe (totally not using my own shoes!)

But I scooted a little too hard in my panic and shot him across the length of the kitchen floor. Thankfully, this was when I realized he was dead, as he didn't start running.

I smashed him a few times with the boot anyway...then took a pic.

I put it on FB and it was identified as a Wolf Spider. Not poisonious, but ummmm, anything with hair and named a wolf should not be allowed to be a bug!! Am I right??

I'm seriously convinced some creatures were invented AFTER the fall of man. Like, as further punishment. Shudder.

How's your summer? Are you wielding flyswatters and wasp spray? Or are you just laughing at me and my swiffer and boot? :)

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