Monday, July 23, 2012

Favorite summer treat?

So it's official.

I have a Snow-Cone problem.

I might have even passed the "addiction stage" but I'm not sure what's past that.

Please tell me I'm not alone ;)  It started as a reward for Little Miss, and of course Mama had to get one too. I spend .75 on her Peewee sized grape snowcone, and under $2 on my small, strawberry cheesecake with two shots of cream snowcone.

It's summer in a cup!

What has been your favorite summer treat? (and don't worry I'm headed to the gym now so I can get my snowcone later...)


Laura Jackson said...

Ok, I meant to ask you about this on FB. I'm from Louisiana (Morgan City), and I thought it was so weird when I moved to Texas and people called them snowcones because we called them snowballs.
A place is opening up by my house and it's advertising itself as New Orleans snowballs. So, I figured it was a state thing.
Then, you're calling it snowcones, and I'm very confused. LOL!
So, it is because you are from northern Louisiana that you call them snowcones?

Tonya said...

Do you have a rita's near you? I had their Italian ice for the first time this week & it may add to your addiction!
Personally,I'm year-round kettle corn kinda girl. So is my dog!

Betsy St. Amant said...

Haha Laura! I've never once heard them called Snowballs in this area. I've heard OF it but that's definitely not a local term. We call them Snow Cones or Sno-Cones or sometimes the signs read "Shaved Ice". Funny!!

Tonya, we don't have a Rita's but that sounds fabulous!! And I can't stand Kettle Corn but looooove buttered regular popcorn :)

Carissa said...

My favorite summertime treat is Snow Cones or homemade strawberry shortcake.