Monday, May 23, 2011

Sorry for MIA

Sorry for the MIA today! I was at my grandma's, writing furiously away on Chapter 7 while she helped entertain my Little Miss. They had a ton of fun blowing bubbles, digging for buried treasure and making chalk sidewalk designs outside, and playing ball, misc. toys and eating snacks while watching cartoons inside. Meanwhile, I took up residence at the dining room table with my laptop, interfering occasionally to offer some discipline, open a lid, or help a certain almost-3-year-old go potty, and got almost a chapter written. Not bad for a morning's work :)

We had happy meals before coming home and playing a bit here. I got some laundry and dishes done, straightened up, and snuggled Little Miss before her nap. Then my mom came over for some girl time and we watched Letters to Juliet, one of my new favorite movies EVER. Have you seen it? What did you think? For me it's one of those movies that inspire me to write something just as awesome and heartwarming! :)

Now it's time to figure out dinner...back to the races...

Hope your Monday was just as productive!

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