Thursday, May 12, 2011

Picture Day!

So today I had my new author pictures taken by Hannah Hough Photography. We went to a place called Pioneer Heritage Center a local college campus, and got a ton of great, fun shots on the porches, stairs and railings of various cabins, old homes and other rustic outbuildings. I can't wait to see the final products! :)

I decided recently it was time to update, since I'm blonder now than I was in my former pics (still on and besides, those were taken about 4-5 years ago, before I even thought about getting pregnant. Since Little Miss is almost 3, well, it was time!

Hannah and I had a lot of fun, she's a great photographer and has a natural talent! We got creative, with different poses and props (umbrella, books, journal, pens, chairs)...though at one point, as I wobbled on a chair trying to climb into a tree, I decided we probably got a little TOO creative. (and no, there will not be any tree shots. hahaha)

Another highlight of the day was trying to change clothes in the back of Hannah's van, all while hoping her tinted windows were truly tinted ;) Ever tried to put on jeans in a van without being able to stand up? Tricky! It didn't help that she has a great new van with the automatic sliding door on the side, which I couldn't figure out how to open from the inside. Got a little stuck. Lots of laughs today.

I'm grateful the nonstop rain the weathermen predicted held off long enough for us to do the shoot - not only did it hold off, it actually cleared up, became cool and sunny and breezy! Now that I'm back home and inside, its clouding up and the humidity is rising. Thanks Lord!

Are you due for new author shots? Ever done some before? Do you enjoy "modeling"? Or do you prefer to stay behind the camera and just take pics of your books? ;)

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