Friday, May 27, 2011

It finally happened!

The impossible happened.

That's right. I baked, two days in a row, and each attempt turned out...YUMMY! (with good presentation too!)

This has never happened. I'm a little afraid of what it means for the universe. (talk about signs of the end times...hahaha)

Yesterday I made peanut butter cookies, from scratch, and today, I made cupcakes, from a box. Hey, whatever works! And they did! The cookies were delicious, even after I had to guess when to take them out of the oven (PB is hard to tell when done, since it's already brown) and Little Miss and I took them to the fire station to give to Daddy and his crew.

The cupcakes are for a friend's birthday today - strawberry, with white funfetti icing (and maybe a few extra sprinkles...)

This from the girl who once had sugar cookies spread so thin on the cookie sheet (yet never burn), it made every one of my friends say "uh, how???" and the girl who once tried to bake lemonbars 6 times in a row before giving up and banning the word from my house. I'm also the girl who, as a newlywed, dumped RAW HAMBURGER MEAT IN A CROCKPOT WITH CANNED VEGGIES AND WATER and expected it to turn into vegetable beef stew...


Let's just say these past two days I'm proud of myself!!

What about you? Can you bake? :)

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Anne said...

Lol how fun! I love to bake, but haven't in awhile - it's much simpler to just buy the bad stuff on the grocery store :).