Friday, May 20, 2011

I swore I would never, ever, never, ever, never EVER...

Yep, that's right. I said it. I wouldn't do it. Who had the time? The energy? The drive? Wasn't it worth spending a little more money at the store to be able to go to ONE store, and not spend hours of time clipping, cutting, arranging, and organizing? Not to mention, WHERE would I stock all this stuff? I don't have any extra room like those crazies on TV. I don't have an attic, or a basement, or an oversized pantry.

Yet today...despite all that...I coupon'd. (ducking)


It didn't happen overnight. Much like with other sins, it snuck in unaware. One glimpse of a TV show (Extreme Couponing). One short testimonial from a friend on their coupon success. One handful of freebie coupons from a co-worker...all led to today. Me, Wal-Mart, and a wallet of coupons.

Oh, I didn't indulge. Again, like with most sins, I started small. Inching a toe into the water, then an ankle. I had about 9 coupons, and used 5.

I sort of figure soon I'll be neck-deep.

I felt guilty at the cash register, being such a newbie to it all. I told the clerk "I have coupons" like it was some sort of deep, dark confession. Then "Do I need to give them to you now, or after?" I didn't know the protocol. I felt like I was bothering her. I even added "Don't worry, I'm not like those people on TV" then realized, what if SHE was like one of those people on TV? It went from there. But I ended up saving about $7.

Hey, that's two mochas from Starbucks!

What about you? Have you succombed? Any tips? (I mean, uh...err...)

(and I'm being dramatic, of course I don't view couponing as an actual sin. ::wink::)

In all seriousness, I did find it sort of fun and it only took me a little while to hunt down some online printable coupons that I used (on stuff like Cheerios, Special K cereal, Jergens body lotion, Almay make up, Oscar Mayer ham... - stuff I use ANYWAY) I really don't see myself spending a lot of time and effort during the week or month to prepare to really work the system like you see on TV or like people even do in real life, but if I can save a few bucks here and there with minimal effort, why not?? :)

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Toyin O. said...

I agree, in this economy, coupons are essential.