Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saying goodbye to May...

I can't believe today is the last day of May! Where has the year gone? Didn't we just have Christmas???

Is it flying by for anyone else out there?

I am looking forward to June, despite the rolling heat waves coming our way (it's already been in the 90's!) because...we're going to the beach! WOOHOO!! I need a vacay in the worst way. We'll see how much of a vacay it is since Little Miss is coming with us (parents, can I get a what-what? hehe) but regardless, we'll have fun!

June has always seemed to be the official start of summer in my mind, even though on the calendar I know there's a certain date for the beginning and end of the season.

What are your summer plans? (at the rate this year is zooming past me, I feel like I need to start Christmas shopping! yikes!)

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Anne said...

My summer plans aaaaaare... Going to Brazil - wait for it - PREGNANT!! Should be an experience :). Oh, and it's still a secret (we just found out), so please don't mention it on my facebook or blog hehe.