Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas quiz

Do You Spend Like Santa or Scrooge?
Take the quiz HERE!
This was timely since I just finished my shopping. That's right, it's December 10th and I am DONE!! Even stocking gifts are done. Woohoo! Just in time to enjoy the rest of the month =)
My results:

You Spend Creatively

You give some of the most amazing gifts around, but you don't go broke buying them. Almost every gift you give has a handcrafted, personalized touch. Your gifts are special. You rather spend time on your gifts than money. You want every gift you give to be a treasure. You would never get someone a generic gift. You like your gifts to show how well you know the recipients.


Anne said...

I spend sensibly (though hubby might beg to differ :).

Rebecca Vincent said...

It says I spend like Scrooge! :(
Bummer -- I can't be that bad!! POUT!

Rebecca Vincent said...

It says I spend like Scrooge. :( POUT! I can't be that bad!