Tuesday, December 07, 2010

C is for Cookie

What's your favorite Christmas dessert?

I have to admit I'm a sucker for Christmas cookies, especially anything involving shortbread and sprinkles... like Pepperidge Farm style. YUM!

What helps get you (and your elastic-waisted pants) in the Christmas season? Pies? Cookies? Brownies? Cakes? All of the above ::wink::

I had a church women's ministry Christmas party last night, and wanted to contribute a dessert. However, I didn't decide this until, naturally, the night before. (Sunday) So Sunday evening, my husband and 2 yr old stayed up with me 'til 10:30 p.m., baking tea cake cookies from an old family recipe and mixing powdered sugar icing, and generally having a a flour covered blast! Even Little Miss got in on the action, standing on a chair in the kitchen, pulled up to the counter, "reading" the recipe book to me and stiring measuring spoons in bowls. =)

The teacakes didn't come out all that great, they were a little too thick and some of the bottoms got a little too done. But overall we salvaged 10 of the giant cookies for the party, and while I thought they were a little salty (we followed the recipe I promise!) others thought they were just fine. At least they looked cute - we used a circle cookie cutter and used red and green powdered sugar icing to paint them and then make polka dots in contrasting colors. The important thing was...we had fun. And made a new memory with Little Miss!!

(no, the pic above are not my cookies. lol I wish they had been!)


Anne said...

Haha fun! You should have taken pictures of yours, funky looking cookies are the most delicious! :)Brownies are my latest addiction - Hershey's Original Supreme box is the BEST, and just about 5 minutes to make. Then I wonder why I have a weight problem...

Becky S said...

My aunt gave me her recipe for petite fours...they are a mess to make, but absolutely delicious! I've also made some Christmas cookies & mini pumpkin pies this year. Glad ya'll got to make those special memories...I bet Little Miss will treasure times like that in her heart as she grows up. =)

Betsy St. Amant said...

I LOVE petit fours!! I'd eat my weight in them, easy. lol I can't imagine trying to make them at home. Brava!