Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Highlights

These are a few of my favorite things...
Watching Little Miss share her new toys with her 2 year old cousin at my grandparents house Christmas night. (Can we say Christmas miracle!!)
The look on Little Miss' face when she saw her shiny pink tricycle for the first time
Devouring my mom's delicious, Christmas-only sausage balls for breakfast
Presenting my grandparents Christmas Eve night with a "memory book" I made them, (essentially a sticker book with written messages pertaining to fav childhood memories centered around each of them)
Watching Little Miss roll around in the discarded wrapping paper
Taking pictures of Little Miss taking pictures on her new digital camera of Nana. (did you get all that? and yes she got a real digital camera, made for 3-yr olds! Its supposedly indestructable. We shall see. haha!)
Watching my little niece get to experience her first Christmas and all the fun of new toys (though she actually preferred the tissue paper to the toys, as she's only 8 months old)
Getting to spend part of the day with a sweet friend from church whose husband is currently deployed
Sitting around the lunch table with friends and family and feeling incredibly blessed to have all I have
Devouring my mother's special iced Christmas teacake cookies almost as quickly as the sausage balls
Getting a super awesome laptop pillow custom made from my sissy!
Taking a gazillion pics of which I shall post later when I recover from the post-Christmas chaos.
Blessings to all!

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Anne said...

Wow so much fun! And you should be exhausted :). Can't wait to see the pics!