Tuesday, April 06, 2010

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By Tonya Lacourse:

Samantha Jenson is determined. She’s determined to keep her family’s dude ranch and determined to keep her father’s legacy alive. As far as Sam is concerned the ranch is the most important thing in her life. Sam puts her personal life aside but still wonders what would happen if she didn’t. Regardless, Sam will go to whatever lengths necessary for the ranch, even if it means putting herself in danger.Ethan Ames grew up in the family business. Ethan is use to making as much money as possible and doing whatever is necessary to close a lucrative deal. His working vacation on a dude ranch in Texas along with a pretty cowgirl turns his thoughts upside down, leaving him to wonder - is money and being successful in the family business really the most important thing?

The book alternates between the lives of Sam and Ethan as each of them ponder what their lives would’ve been like if they had taken different paths. Betsy St. Amant does a good job of capturing their angst and questioning of their lives through their actions and thought process. Her descriptions of the ranch are strong enough to make you feel you are in the middle of the ranch too.

I like this book as it’s contemporary when most westerns are historical. As I read the book I could picture it as a Hallmark or Lifetime move, with good actors, of course!

Favorite Line: “Some things just weren’t meant to be - even if under the glow of the stars is seemed, as if, fora moment, they could.”

Rating: 5 carets
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By Georgiana Daniels:
Congratulations to my friend, Betsy! She's done it again, and you are sure to enjoy Rodeo Sweetheart, a story about a woman trying to save her ranch, and the city-slickin' family with a secret that could destroy everything she's working for!
The thing that still puzzles me--no matter how many times she has explained it--is how on earth our polka-dot shoe loving Betsy can possibly know so much about horses and ranches. LOL! Totally authentic details that will bring you down home to Appleback, Texas. A perfect read, even for a greenhorn like me :D
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