Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter recovery

So there's a lot of candy in the house, and a chocolate bunny (headless, now) in the cabinet, but I'm still determined to start a diet today! Who else is with me? =)

Here are some highlights from our Easter Sunday...Praise the Lord, He is risen!!!

Little Miss has a blast, as you can see, hunting eggs and finding the candy inside. We had a great day of church, family, and fun, despite the pollen threatening to devour our shoes like yellow acid. =P My Pappaw had a broom and was sweeping everyone's feet off before we came back in the house. haha.

How was your holiday?

In other are some pics from my booksigning this past Friday night! Also a hit. Thanks to all who came and supported me!


Georgiana said...

Looks like someone has been having entirely too much fun :D

Julie Jarnagin said...

Those are such great Easter pictures. This is good inspiration for me to actually download mine.