Friday, April 09, 2010

Fun Friday Quiz

For your Friday, let's take a fun quiz. There's a lot of movies out right now I want to see, including The Last Song, based on Nicholas Spark's novel and starring Miley Cyrus.

What about you? See any movies lately? When a movie is based off a book, do you read the book first or see the movie first so you can picture the characters more vividly as you read? I tend to read the book first, but not always....and partly only because my movie theater days are limited as a young Mommy. =P

Take the quiz HERE!

Here's my score!

You Are Imaginative and Idealistic

You are popular and well liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room. You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say. You have an optimistic take on life. Things are always a lot better than they seem at first. Spending time alone makes you a little nostalgic. You tend to think about the past a lot when you're alone.


Haelie said...

Me, too, Betsy...Imaginative & Idealistic, that is!

Erica Vetsch said...

We're looking forward to seeing How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me, but I'm the only one in the family who is wanting to see Clash of the Titans.

Here are my quiz results:

You are outgoing and enthusiastic.

You are funny and playful. You bring out the brighter side of things. You are one colorful character.

You rely on yourself and yourself alone to figure out what's best. In your experience, the "experts" are almost always wrong.

You have an idealistic take on life. Things aren't perfect, but you're doing your best to change them.

Spending time alone makes you more optimistic and ready to take on the world. You like to recharge.