Thursday, April 08, 2010

What are you reading?

So I'm just curious today. What are you reading? Let's list some titles in the comments today and see who is reading what. After you post the title, tell me if its the genre you typically read it, or outside the box, and also tell me if its by a fav author of yours, or an author whose work you are trying for the first time. Inquiring minds want to know!

As for me, I'm currently taking a very rare step away from Christian fiction and reading Nicholas Spark's "The Last Song". So far, so good. Nicholas remains one of my favorite authors, even though craft wise I cringe over all the "telling". He doesn't get into tight POV (point of view) like I prefer in the novels I generally read, but his actual art of story telling is just masterful. I heard an interview with him on my local Christian radio station, KLOVE, the other day, and Nicholas seems, from all accounts, to have a deep personal faith himself. Very inspiring.

So....what are you reading already?!? =)


Julie Jarnagin said...

I just started Love starts with Elle by Rachel Hauk. Listen by Rene Gutteridge is on my nightstand patiently waiting its turn. I read mostly Christian fiction and a lot of nonfiction (marketing, Christian living, parenting, etc.)

Andrea said...

I'm reading "Rodeo Sweetheart" by some random chick named Betsy something-or-other. ;]

But really, I am reading your book and I just finished chapter 16. I read a lot when I don't feel well because it takes my mind off of not feeling well, ya know? I don't have a genre I stick to. I guess my genre could be "good books" no matter what style!

Wendy said...

Well, I'm attempting to read some books that aren't novels per se, but historical, personal narratives and then there is another that I'm adding so that I can work on my prayer life...they are: HANDFULS OF PURPOSE - Ruth Bryan's diary (can only view/read online) and WITH CHRIST IN THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER - Andrew Murray. The first starts in the 1830's; the other was published in 1981.

I don't have any novels that come to mind from past readings (yes, I do re-read when I can), but have several from your publisher by other authors. I'm going to get started on finding yours and adding to my 'library' - just can't get away to do it yet.

Georgiana said...

Oh no--I shall not reveal what I am reading because I am ready to set it aside. LOL!!! No fault of the book or author, but I've been reading in little slices because of busyness, and it's totally not been enjoyable. Ever been there?

Betty said...

I haven't read anything from Nicholas Sparks but he sounds good. Currently, I'm reading "Straight Down the Middle" by author Josh Karp. It's about playing your best game of golf. The author is very humerous and I'm really enjoying it. I'm reading it to prepare me for golfing this year. It's a completely new genre and author for me but I'm enjoying it!

Laura J said...

I just finished Cool Beans by Erynn Mangum and Take Three by Karen Kingsbury.
I teach middle school language arts, so I read A LOT of YA stuff. I'm currently reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. It may end up being one of my favorite books.

Lynn said...

Hi Betsy -
I'm reading Kathryn Stockett's "The Help".

It is a bit of a departure for me but a mentor mentioned it as an interesting study of characterization and POV.

I'm only 20 pages in, so we shall see!

Laura J said...

Julie, Listen was an incredible book. It had me thinking about gossip and idle words for days after I finished it. It's also just a good story.

I'm reading the third book in the Irene Hannon Christian suspense.