Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five Fun Facts

Let's get to know each other a little better today.

Anyone want to play a game? It's called Five Fun Facts. List five things that I probably don't know about you, and I will do the same. It all has to be true!

1. My favorite indulgent snack is Ruffles chips with Alberts hot sauce

2. I get claustrophobic driving a car in the rain

3. If I really like a novel, I'll read, re-read and continue to re-read it a dozen times over the next few years.

4. There are 3 things (and three things only) that I refuse to buy store/value-brand: baggies, cereal bars, and dryer sheets.

5. My Southern accent greatly increases when I'm in my most polite, professional mode. I sense it, and hear it, but can't control it.

Your turn! Spill it!! =)


Julie Jarnagin said...

I'll play!

1. I work in an office three days a week, and I keep a space heater going under my desk all day.

2. My husband and I lived in a small town in an apartment above his brother's barber shop for awhile. We shared the kitchen (a refrigerator, sink and burner) with the barbers. Fun times!

3. During that time, I was a reporter for a small-town newspaper that was next door to the barber shop.

4. My dad was a cattle rancher and farmer. I grew up helping on the farm, fishing, going on hunting trips (I was more of an observer than a hunter), and riding on tractors.

5. Now, I'm a city girl. I work in marketing and live in suburbia.

Trudi Rose said...

I love games like this! It's always fun to learn new things about people.

1. When I'm driving I count up or down the mile markers. In Missouri they have mile markers every .2 miles, making trips through that state take so much longer!

2. I think that I have been in almost every county in Ireland...maybe all of them.

3. I worked in a library for about 2 1/2 years, and I mastered the whole looking over my glasses at the kids to keep them in line. :)

4. I had a poem published in a senior citizen paper when I was twelve. It was about my love/hate relationship with Minnesota winters.

5. I could literally eat pizza every day and not get sick of it. Yes, I have tested this theory!

Georgiana said...

Hmmm....considering everything we've talked about over the years, I'd be hard pressed to find 5 things you don't know about me. LOL!

Thinking hard.....

jenness said...

1. I was bitten by a dog on a mission of mercy to a horrible pound. I'm afraid my mission of mercy most likely turned into a dog entering the not-so-happy hunting grounds earlier than it had planned.

2. If I like a song, I play it over and over and over and over again. Feel very sorry for anyone within earshot.

3. My first official boyfriend ended up marrying my cousin, and I helped with the wedding reception.

4. I get pretty close to gagging if I try to eat a pancake.

5. I used to play the clarinet.

Andrea said...

1. When I find a food I like, I eat it until I'm sick of it.

2. I can't stand the feel of construction paper.

3. I bought a BEAUTIFUL $80 dress on sale recently and I feel both guilty and thrilled.

4. I've never left the country.

5. I'm learning how to drive a stick shift!

(this was hard!)

Erica Vetsch said...

How fun!

1. I took piano lessons for 10 years, but I rarely touch the piano now.

2. I love to drink orange juice when I eat pizza.

3. I'm allergic to morphine.

4. 2/3 of the states I've lived in start with the letter M.

5. I don't own a cell phone...yet!

Becky said...

1. I was born in New Orleans, (one of the many reasons I enjoy your books...I love picturing the places you mention!) and a cajun accent "returns" to me whenever I'm in a group of relatives lol

2. I love to smile Ü

3. I prefer keeping the same ole phone rather than having the latest & "greatest" in cell phone technology

4. I write praise & worship music

5. Making cards & scrapbooking is one of my hobbies