Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrity Waiter Dinner

So tonight I'm off to a really fun event - the 2010 Evergreen Celebrity Waiter Dinner. I freelance for a local newspaper, The Forum, and was assigned to write an article on this event a month ago. The super sweet and friendly coordinator offered me free tickets to the event, so Hubby and I are getting all dolled up and heading out! I can't wait! A fancy cocktail dinner, with celebrities as the waiters? How fun! I will post pics later this week!

The even better part is that this is a fundraiser for Evergreen. Visit their website at 'http://www.epmi.org and read about their worthy cause - helping to rehabilitate the disabled. With my mother-in-law's situation, this is great timing for us and I hope my husband can make some contacts tonight that might give him better insight into her situation - not to mention allowing us a fun night out that we desperately need. =)

It's really neat when God orchestrates all this kind of stuff, isn't it? Definitely not a coincidence! We'll see what He has in store. In the meantime, continue to pray for my MIL and for this worthy event, that funds will be raised for their ministry. Thanks!

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Georgiana said...

I LOVE when God coordinates events. It is so cool to know His divine hand is in the middle of a situation.

Have fun!