Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You know you're tired when....

You know you're tired when....

10. Your eyes burn when you stare at your computer screen.

9. You don't have the energy to pop the top of your Diet Coke.

8. You consider a coffee IV.

7. You squint against the sun and almost fall asleep in your car.

6. You realize you're so far past tired that tired would actually feel fabulous.

5. You talk with a hoarse voice and don't even care how stupid you sound.

4. You look as if you're wearing red eye liner.

3. You don't even check to see if your shoes match your outfit before stumbilng out the house.

2. People look at you as if you might be on some kind of illegal drug.

And the number one sign you KNOW you're tired is....

1. You're waiting for your elevator in the lobby of a crowded, public bank building and you have no problem closing your eyes, leaning against the wall, and nearly falling asleep.

FYI - the above 10 things have ALL happened to me this morning so far.

Caffeine, anyone?

My daughter has slept through the night - soundly - since she was about 8 weeks old. She's 4 months now but for some reason the past week she's been restless at night. We think its because she's pre-teething and is getting uncomfy. Usually we (usually ME) can go in her room and roll her over on her side (her preferred sleep position) or give her her pacifier, etc. and she'll be fine. She wakes up crying but never actually WAKES up. Just fusses enough to need some kind of help or adjustment. She'll go right back to sleep after just a second of "fixing" but then will do the exact same thing 20-45 minutes later. Its like this all night long after about midnight.

I'm praying its just a stage. We got spoiled sleeping all night for so long that now its even harder to get up then it was when she was a newborn. Plus, we both work, and I get up most mornings at 5:15 anyways to get me and Audrey dressed and ready to take her to Nana's house for the day.

Anyone else been through this? Any advice? The doctor gave us permission to start Audrey on rice cereal tonight so maybe that will help her sleep more soundly. I'm praying so!!!


michelle said...

girl, u shouldve put her on rice cereal already! I started drew at 2 1/2 months and he loved it and sleeps 9 - 10 hours. My doctor told us to wait until 4 months but she wasnt the one getting up with him every night! So I cheated and listened to my mom :) he started applesauce at 4 months, so maybe try that too :)

Betsy Ann said...

Thanks Michelle!! I'm really hoping it helps. I'm glad it helped Drew man!!

Erica Vetsch said...

Oh, man, my heart lurched when I read #9! I don't think I've EVER been that tired!

Georgiana said...

Nothing stopped my oldest from waking up 2-3 times a night all the way until she was three years old. I'm SO not the one to answer this question. All I can say is that someday Audrey will want to sleep more than she'll want to be awake....just like my oldest who caused me the sleep deprivation.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm with Georgiana. My oldest didn't start sleeping through the nights until she was four, my two-month old was sleeping through them before her oldest sister did. It's the individual child, unfortunately, it would seem.

I will say this, though, even if they're bad sleepers as babies, toddlers, and small children, they do grow out of it. Alisha has slept soundly for nearly eleven years straight now.

If you can, grab a cat nap when possible, and I love the Coffee IV idea. LOL