Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day In the Life of Audrey...


Mom doesn't know I'm writing this. She blogs allllllll the time, so I thought I'd take a shot at it and tell you what my life is REALLY like!

First of all, I get woken up from a sound sleep most mornings around 6:30. Why don't they just let me sleep??? Mom then coos and grins and makes really weird faces at me over the edge of my crib. I usually smile back just so she'll stop. Then I get my diaper changed - FINALLY, by now its like ten lbs - and my nightgown comes off. Sometimes I get stuck. That's kinda scary.

Its really cold being nakey, but my crib blankie is soft so that's good. I get wrestled into my clothes for the day, and then WHOOOOSH I'm suddenly in the air and in her arms and we're heading down the hallway to eat breakfast. She always calls breakfast "waffles" or "pancakes" or "bacon" but I know its just formula. Silly Mama.

Some days Daddy feeds me in the morning, then I'm usually forced into such shenanigans as pictured below. Oh, the embarassment.

After breakfast I have to sit in my bouncer chair and watch cartoons while Mom bustles around doing different things in the kitchen and in her room. I don't know why she puts the tube on Blues Clues or Max & Ruby when I really want to watch CNN. I need to be briefed, you know? I need to know what's going on in that big world out there. But nooooo, Mama insists on the cartoons. I want to make her happy though, so I kick and play with my stuffed horse, Moo, and watch the TV for her sake.

Then it's off we go again. I get stuck in my carseat and ushered into the car, and zzooooom down the bumpy gravel driveway toward Nana's house. Over the river and through the woods, indeed. Some mornings when its cold Mom makes me wear a beanie and a coat. I like my LSU hat though. Its pretty trendy.

I spent the day at Nana's sometimes while Mama goes somewhere called Work. She always tells me she'd rather be with me, which is nice. Other days Daddy is home and we hang out at the house until Mama gets back. Then its playtime!!

One night we all three played Snoopy Monopoly. Dad showed me his money. It doesn't look like real money. Bottom line, Dad, can I buy shoes with that or not???

My parents are pretty cool, even if they do keep making funny faces at me all the time. They take good care of me and we do fun stuff together. Like one night we went to a hockey game. That was super neat.

Sometimes Mama reads me books. I like that. The pictures are bright and fun. Other times we go for walks outside in what they call the "country" and see big trees. I like being outside. Mama lets me sit in her lap in her office at the computer and help her write blogs and stories and emails. She types so fast!
Oh and somedays Mama takes me to the station to visit Daddy. The other fireman are pretty handsome but not as handsome as Daddy. They all ooohh and ahhh over me and tell me how sweet and beautiful I am. That's nice. But Daddy tells me the same thing all the time and I like that better.

Night time is usually bath time and snuggle time. Me and Mama watch Wheel of Fortune almost every evening. We should be rich by now, but I guess if you play from home you don't get to keep the money!!!! =(
I like my nights at home with Mama and Daddy. Some nights Daddy works, so me and Mama hang out. My favorite nights are the ones where we're all together. =)
Yes, nighttime is good. Except for the other evenign when I was force fed rice cereal from a spoon. Let's just say I'll leave you to imagine what happened next.....

That's it! That's my life in a nutshell. Food, sleep, food, burps, food, more sleep, food, playtime. It's a good life! I liked being cozy in Mama's womb but being out here is pretty cool. I like Mama and Daddy's hugs and snuggles and kisses a LOT.
Mama and Daddy tell me all the time how much they love me, and how much Nana and Papa and my aunts and uncles and friends love me. And how much Jesus loves me. I don't know much about Him yet but I am sure I will one day. So much doesn't make sense around here yet but I bet I get smarter as the days go on. I used to not even be able to move much on my own, and now I can hold my head up and everything. I'm a genius! Watch out world!


Andrea said...

Audrey what good grammar you have! This has been a delight getting "inside" Audrey's mind! Another writer in the family?

Erica Vetsch said...

Sweet! I can't believe how fast babies grow.

Georgiana said...

Don't worry, Audrey, I found out about Wheel of Fortune the hard way too! Eat some rice for me too!

matt e. said...

I followed your advice and read your blog. Glad I did. Cute and hilarious. I'm going to post it on my fb page so your blog traffic will no doubt go through the roof!!

Becky Yauger said...

So glad you took time out of your busy schedule to write to us! We're very glad to hear from you.
I can't wait to meet you someday SOON!!
Auntie Beka

Ronie Kendig said...

Audrey-girlie, I knew you were a genius the first time I saw those beautiful blue eyes. But hey--don't worry, little one, your secret's safe with me. :-D You have awesome parents, but don't tell them I said that--they might get big heads. :-D

Enjoy your waffles and turkey!

Tamela said...

Well, aren't you photogenic! But then again, how can you not be, with such a lovely family? Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelley said...

Aww what a great post! So nice to hear about your view of the world! You are definitely a beautiful girl!

Keisha said...

Geez Audrey--

You're sooo smart I might need to ask your parents if I can borrow you for a couple of days to come teach my 7th and 8th graders. No doubt, you'll capture their attention the entire class period! Keep reading and writing, girlie!

Delia said...

Wow Audrey, you are a genius! And a beautiful one at that! Thanks for letting us see what a day in your life is like!

[and to Audrey's mama] This is definitely the most adorable post I've ever seen!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Great Pics, Betsy, and I love Audrey's story. Makes me want to have another baby--well, maybe not--considering how OLD I am!

I wish I blogged way back when mine were little. Oh, what wonderful way to document the memories.