Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The things we'll never know...


Some appear with the faintest rustle of wings...the barest fluttering of wind as an invisible motion teases tendrils of your hair, the smallest beacon shining between tree branches in the twilight while golden shadows dance past the moon.

Others appear in the shrieking of metal as celestial arms of steel haul back on your car bumper.

The things we'll never know...

This morning it was raining - steadily, since before I woke up. I was already dreading the drama of getting me and Audrey and all our stuff in my car to take her to my mom's house for the day. It's hard enough juggling my purse, my lunch box, my jacket, her diaper bag, and her in her carseat without the hassle of rain - and no porch roof or quick way of walking to the carport since our muddy yard seeps over the concrete stepping stones if the skies even CONSIDER raining.

But, I'm a Mom, a.k.a. Superhero, so we'd figure it out, right? =) Thankfully Super Dad brought my umbrella in from the car earlier so we'd at least have a shot at staying dry.

Against all odds, I somehow got me, Audrey and all Our Stuff loaded in the car on time as usual and only slightly damp. We hit the road, windshield wipers on full speed, and crunched down the gravel road. Turned onto our fun windy, twisty, wet country highway, and made our way toward town. An 18 wheeler was coming toward me in the opposite lane, so I scooted over a tad to give the monster some room. They never slow down on these country roads, even in the rain! Hooligans.

The 18 wheeler passes and from out of NOWHERE, a burgundy Buick pulls out of a driveway in front of me. It was like I was simply invisible, or maybe they never thought to check both ways after the 18 wheeler monster passed. Regardless, I'm going 45-50 mph. as is the speed limit, and she is suddenly in front of me. The old woman doesn't even pull out in front of me and lay on the gas pedal, nooooo - she pulls out in front of me and just sort of hovers. Like a bad perfume.

I SLAMMED on the brakes. A no-no in wet weather, I know - but seriously, what else could I do? I've been in a 3-car, double rear-ending accident several years ago and had no desire to be an accordian ever again. I sucked in my breath and debated whether it'd be better to hit the Buick or go off into the ditch on the side of the road, all while fishtailing across my lane. Not good options but in that literal split second of decision time, I opted against the ditch. Too steep and muddy, we'd never get my car out, plus the impact might be worse at such an angle.

I wanted to close my eyes, but didn't. I knew we wouldn't stop in time, the Buick was barely moving and I'd had zero time to react anyway. We were going to nail her.

But we didn't.

There was no hard jerking motion of being pulled away, no sudden stop, no pressure or impact or anything to indicate someone or Something tugging us back from danger. But I know it happened. There is simply no reasonable, logical, earthly explanation for why we didn't slam into that Buick.

But I happen to believe in things that aren't always reasonable, logical or earthly. =)

Grandma in the Buick (seriously, she must have been 100 years old and DEFINITELY should not be allowed to drive) puttered on down the road after that at 29 miles per hour (15 under the speed limit) oblivious to what almost happened and somehow oblivious to me laying on the horn for the next quarter mile as I struggled to stop shaking and breathe again.

No angel wings in the dust on my bumper. No celestial fingerprints.


"...faith is being...certain of what we do not see." Hebrew 11:1


Georgiana said...

I love it when God does cool stuff like that. He's really watching out for you!

Erica Vetsch said...

Whoa, dolly, it would've taken me a lot longer than a quarter mile at 29 mph to quit shaking!

God is good. And He never sleeps!

Andrea said...

While reading, I closed my eyes for a second because you painted this picture beautifully... the first thought that went through my mind: Audrey! Wrecks freak me out enough but thinking about a baby involved in a wreck makes me doubly nervous....

God is good!

Audra Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow. I have a goosebumps.

Glad you both are safe. God is good.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Betsy, I've got to get a book of yours. You took my breath away with this!

I'm so glad He sent His angels for you and Audrey, and even the 100-year-old woman, too!

Hey, I went back to Georgiana's post and saw your reply. Here's what I said there, too:

"Betsy, I'd thought of coins, but that seemed too normal. Wouldn't the breath mints be a great one? What fun I could twist that into. But back to the coin. You made me just think of something. What if it was a coin, but a special one, one that reminded him of his few years as a business man trying to please his successful dad in the family business. What business has coins associated with it? Casino? Would that work? Would a small town church take on a pastor whose family owns a casino? A pastor who used to manage a casino?

Oh, you really got me thinking, woman! Thanks so VERY much!!!"

So, in your published opinion, would it work, a casino chip to remind him of what he never wants to do again?

I would so value your opinion on this?

Shelley said...

What a scary situation to be in! Thankfully God was working and kept you and your baby safe and sound! Thank you Lord!

Stacy Gibbs said...

Hey Betsy! I hope you are doing great! I tagged your blog! Go read my latest post for more info! :)

Keisha said...

How awesome is our God!!! This is why we never need worry. For when we are certain of the unthinkable, God steps in a leaves us baffled by His ways. WOW!!!

I thank Him everyday He gets me to and from school in the Navy Blue Altima I like to call the JesusMobile.

jenness said...

Glad you two are okay!!! I understand about the angels. I'm afraid I keep mine over-worked...

Lori said...

Wow, Bets. I'm so glad you're okay! God is so good. Imagine how many miracles He performs on our behalf every day and we don't even know it! I know He's been working overtime on our end lately, too. :)