Monday, November 24, 2008

It's almost Thanksgiving!!

I saw a Snoopy comic strip that showed Snoopy telling Woodstock that at Thankgsgiving, people eat turkey...and chicken, quail, and pheasant. Snoopy said "it's a bad time to a bird."
Woodstock's response?
"Woof!" =)
It might be a bad time to be a bird, but it's a great time to be a mom, and a wife! I'm so looking forward to Audrey's first Thanksgiving. She's just now mastering the art of rice cereal, so its not like she can really partake of any Thankgsiving treats, but I believe its never too early to start teaching my daughter how to be grateful. Teaching her how to count blessings and be thankful for her family, her food, her toys, etc. even now at this young age could have positive effects later.
I know how blessed we are, and I want my daughter to feel that postive energy. I want her to be aware of her blessings and be thankful for them year-round, not just at Thanksgiving. I want her to be grateful for good health, for loving family and friends, for a good church, for always having her needs met, etc. There are so many people in the world who struggle, who live in extreme poverty, who can't always eat and drink enough or be clothed and warm all the time. I want her to be aware of that difference in lifestyle and grow up wanting to help others by donating to food drives or toy drives, to sponsoring children in third world countries, etc. I want her to see Jesus in those acts and be used by Jesus to meet the needs of others. And I want her to grow up grateful for the new things she does get, instead of just always wanting more.

Wow, being a Mom is hard work. =)
Well, I already know she's already grateful for her new stuffed horse. haha. This morning she was playing with him in her bouncer chair and I said "You need to name your horsey. What's your horsey's name?" She looked right at him and said "moo". Haha!! She's starting to get her coos and goos down , and apparently we're working on "M" now as well. So now we have a horse named Moo. =)
What does everyone have planned for Thanksgiving?
Hubby has to work so I'll be hanging out with Audrey and my family, at my grandma's house part of the day and at another grandma's another part of the day. It'll be busy but fun! I'm sure we'll visit Hubby at the station at some point and take him some desserts and let Audrey give him a kiss. (okay, its more like a lick, she's not really mastered kissing yet either but loves licking things. LOL!!)
Anything fun planned???

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Georgiana said...

LOL, moo! First words are so fun!

We're going to my parents' house on Thanksgiving, where I take my super-duper-secret-recipe-artery-clogging mashed potatoes!