Friday, November 07, 2008

Kickboxing shenanigans...

I did it! I went to my kickboxing class last night, and survived. I'm even typing, so I'm not as beat up as I thought I'd be. =)

It was fun. This new class is different from the one I attended a year ago, but I think I might like it better. Where the old class was very similiar week after week, so anyone new could just jump right in, this class is being taught more like a series. Each week will be do more and more advanced moves and harder exercises. It'll be a great way to chart our progress. Every class will be different, as well, the instructor promised, so we won't get bored or be tempted not to come. Pretty cool!

So last night on my way to the gym I stopped and bought hot pink and black gloves. My old ones had ripped, and these were a good price, and best of all - they matched my hot pink and black gym bag. And my hot pink and black shoes. And of course, I was wearing black yoga pants and a black and pink tank. My thought was "I might feel fat and be totally uncoordinated, but at least I'll match!!" haha. Several people gave compliments on my gear, which was nice, so at least I made an impression =P

We warmed up and began learning (or re-learning) a few basic moves, like right and left jabs and side kicks. We did this combination on our bags for so many minutes, and our little Energizer Bunny instructor had us doing two jumping jacks between every move.

Jump, jump, jab jab, right side kick.

Jump jump, jab, jab, left side kick.

Over and over and over.

And over.

Five minutes into it my arms were trembling, my hip abductors were highly upset, my toes were cramping in my shoes, I was pouring sweat....and it was GREAT! I felt like I was back! =)

Until Bunny pulled four little yoga mats out onto the floor in front of our mats and asked for volunteers. She said she wouldn't tell us what we were going to do until after we committed. Well, a really nice lady named Michelle and I had kinda bonded (that's what griping together during class does for ya. haha) so we volunteered to take the first two mats. Might as well get it over with, right? One side had to do sit-ups, the other side had to do push-ups.

For a solid two minutes.

We got the sit-ups first. I looked at Michelle, who totally got my sarcasm. "Oh goodie. Sit-ups. The strongest part of my body after having a baby!!" She cracked up. Seriously, writing this now, my abs HURT. Just remembering. haha.

We did it. Not sure how. But we did. Then we had to do the push-ups. Bunny told us she wanted at least ten real push-ups before we resorted to the "girl" pushups on our knees instead of our toes.

I burst out laughing. Right at Bunny. Straight "HAHAHAHAHAHA". Which was good because the noise covered Michelle's snorts of disbelief. Bunny apparently forgot WE were human and not robotic. But she insisted. And we pushed. And we collapsed. Then pushed again. Then cheated and went to our knees. =)

Then we got to go back to the combination drill on the bags and grin in revenge at the other people taking their turn on the mats.

Class was 45 minutes, but it felt like 45 days. I left sweating, trembling, totally disgusting, and drove home with a cramp across the base of my right toes.

And a big smile across my face. I'm baaaaaaack. =)


Georgiana said...

That sounds like LOADS of fun (can you hear the sarcasm?) But, maybe I should try something like that. It'd sure beat the treadmill.....

Yay for matching gear!

Erica Vetsch said...

Two MINUTES of situps? Man, I'd be hard pressed to do two complete situps IN two minutes. :D

Bet you looked awesome in your pink and black gym-gear.

Audra Elizabeth said...

Ever since I first read about kickboxing here on your blog I've been really interested in it. Unfortunately, I live in the boonies, and Mom doesn't want to drive 30 minutes there and back. Maybe college...

But congrats on the class. I think it sounds pretty exciting! :)

Shelley said...

It sounds great - gruling but great! Don't know if it's something I could every do I'm such a wuss!

Shelley said...

It sounds great - gruling but great! Don't know if it's something I could every do I'm such a wuss!

Lori said...

Bets, i just started doing a post-partum video a friend gave me- you know, the kind where you use water bottles instead of weights and you can follow the girl in the back if things get too hard? After discovering how wimpy my post-baby self is, kickboxing is just a dream (nightmare?) for future days...

Carry on, O brave warrior chica! Wear the pink and black colors with pride! You've earned them!