Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just ONE post...

God bless America. Oh please, God bless us.

I really thought I could make it through this entire election process without posting a political blog...but I just can't! One post, one vent, and I'll be done - I promise! =)

So, last night, I have to admit, my first initial thought after Obama's victory was - Hmmmm. Should we move to Canada, or the Bahamas?

Let me just put it this way. I have NO beef with Obama's skin color. He could be black, Asian, Hispanic, whatever - that's not my concern. What concerns me is his beliefs and his morals/values and his past voting history. Basically, I would feel this way about any Democratic President. I am not against African Americans - (though it is frustrating for everyone to be saying this is the first "black president" when he's really only 50%, but whatever!) - but I am against anyone who is for abortion, higher taxes, homosexuality, etc. Homosexuality is an abomination in the Bible. And just because the Good Book was written a long time ago doesn't mean God has changed His mind on the concept since then.


And abortion....ohhhh don't even get me started. I guess I'm even MORE adamently against it after having my baby girl. I can't even begin to fathom someone choosing abortion, and it hurts my heart to think of all the babies who might not live if Obama and the rest of the Democratic congress members and whoever else support "woman's choice."

Which is also a bunch of PPHOOOOEYY. To put it bluntly, if you don't want a baby, then DON'T HAVE SEX. Its really not that complicated. And I'm not trying to put guilt on any Christian woman who has experienced this choice and was saved/convicted by God afterward. I'm just saying that for our country, having an appointed leader who believes in abortion absolutely breaks my heart because it means things in that area are bound to get worse. But I know he will answer to God for that as well as anyone else who sets it up to make abortions easier to obtain. Just think of all the women who have had abortions and regretted it. If that choice wasn't made so obtainable to them, millions of lives could be saved and millions of women free from guilt and burden!!!

Then there is a whole other plethora of concerns I have that I really shouldn't get into here beacuse they are hearsay and speculation and predications, nothing guaranteed. Things about border control and terrorism and........


Okay, so there is my rant. Emotions over.

I know-know-know that God is still in control. He is not up in Heaven freaking out over the election results, and therefore we as Christians shouldn't either. We might be disappointed or or mad or even a little scared, but GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

It says in the Bible God appoints our leaders and we (unfortunately in this case for many) are still supposed to show them respect. I truly believe that if we as Christians show that respect and not go around dissing our President 24/7 or laughing/sharing nasty political or racial jokes, that God will bless us for it.

We need to now, more than ever, pray for our President. Pray for our country. Pray that God convicts Obama's heart and the hearts of our other leaders and sways them to His values. It can happen, and what a miracle and testimony to God's glory THAT would be!!

So do your part - don't just rant and rave and cry and do nothing but think we're all doomed because the results didn't go the way you wanted. =) It would be easy for many to do that. But we need to pray.

God bless America. God bless President-elect Obama.

God save us.


Georgiana said...

Here are my predictions, and you heard it here first =P

1. Three more Supreme Court justices who lean so far to the left they might as well fall off the bench.

2. Erosion of our national sovereignty as we try to link arms with our enemies and sing "We are the World."

3. Weakening of our national defense.

4. Higher taxes for every working American. Bye bye annual child tax credit, we shall miss you!!!

OK, now there's my rant, and I'll join you in prayer.

Jennye said...

I completely agree. Christians across the nation have been praying WITH our President and now we will just shift and be praying FOR our President even more feverently.

Cortni Marrazzo said...

I totally agree as well. The election results made me sad. Now I have to force myself to switch from being sad and upset to trusting God for our country. Although God let nations choose ungodly leaders in the Old Testaments because they wanted it so bad. And he eventually saved those nations from their own choice and picked up the pieces...
I was so tempted to move to Canada too!! :)

Lori said...

I'm thinking of moving to Italy. If I'm going to have to live in a socialistic country anyway, I might as well do it in Tuscany with a dish of fresh pasta in my hand. I hope all the cool villas don't get taken from all the other fleeing Americans.

MissBookworm said...

Amen! I soooo agree with you! I was thinking Australia...:)

Stacy Gibbs said...

I totally agree with you Betsy! It was truly a tough defeat and something I never wanted to see happen, but I like you, continue to trust in the Lord during the time. I'm looking forward to a huge conservative movement in 2012! :)

Rose said...

Wow! We Christian women all think the same! My first thought when I heard the Presidential announcment was 'I could live in Canada.'

My second thought was PRAY, which I did and will continue to do so.

I'm glad you vented made me feel better too!


Through The Eyes of Love from The Wild Rose Press

Rose said...

Wow, we Christian women all think alike. My first thought after hearing the Presidential announcement was 'I could live in Canada'.

My second thought was PRAY, which I did and will continue to do.

Betsy, thanks for your rant. It made me feel better knowing I wasn't the ONLY person who felt this way.


Through The Eyes of Love from The Wild Rose Press

Betsy Ann said...

As I have several black friends who I definitely do not wish to offend, may I clarify that what frustrated me with Obama is that media has made this a racial event. History was going to be made regardless, whether Obama won as the first black president or Palin won as the first female vice president. I am personally 100% fine with having a black President!!I just am not personally fine with having Mr. Obama.

I think that sadly, because so much focus WAS on his race, that people didn't see past that to what he represented and what he agreed with/believed in as a PERSON, regardless of color. =(

Keisha-Michelle said...

Hey Betsy, I understand your fears, but take a look at my blog for another look at the situation. It may help assuage some of those fears.

Jenny Schick said...

I'm praying!!