Monday, May 21, 2012


Seriously, last week was nuts. Two dress rehearsals for Little Miss's recital, the gym, book progress, Forum deadlines, Little Miss's actual recital, graduation from Preschool 3, last night of Cubbies (AWANAS), church and graduation that night from Cubbies...and all the celebrations that took place after all the big events...

Here's a few pics from all the madness. (more to come later, these were just some from my phone)

Despite my need for a long nap, I'm so SO SO proud of her. She did fantastic at all of her events, and made this mama super proud. I couldn't have asked for a smarter or sweeter Little Miss :) The recital went great, I couldn't believe how grown up she looked! Part of her prop fell over during the recital (cardboard music box) and you know what? She looked at it for just a second and KEPT GOING. So proud. Such a big girl.

And now...

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