Thursday, May 17, 2012

I will NOT cry...

So my Little Miss graduates preschool tomorrow!

Thankfully, it's just graduating preschool-3, she will be going back to preschool for preschool-4 this fall. So I'm not shipping her off to kindergarten yet BUT there is still a ceremony for her class and it's still called a graduation and I'm still emotional! This is a milestone of sorts because starting in the fall, and for the rest of her childhood, she'll be going to school 5 days a week. Preschool will continue to be the shortened day compared to kindergarten and so forth, but still. EVERY morning.

I will not cry...I will not cry...

I will also not be blogging tomorrow because of her graduation, a busy family day, and her dress rehearsal and then dance recital on Saturday. Busy weekend of milestones coming up! I also am currently swamped with deadlines. Yikes!

The good news is that when I pop back up to breathe next week, I shall surely have adorable pics to share ;)

Now where is my waterproof mascara?!?

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Angela Verges said...

Enjoy the special moments! Every milestone is special no matter how small or large. I just came across my son's preschool graduation photos while spring cleaning. He was wearing a constructed graduation cap and smiling at the camera showing all of his tiny teeth.
Hope you have kleenex handy for the graduation.