Thursday, May 31, 2012

The things we mothers do...

I realized something the other day (again)

The things we mothers do for our kids!!

And not just the typical - like reluctantly sharing our favorite desserts we've been dying to indulge in for weeks, or buying them their own treats that we know they'll only eat 3 bites of before growing bored or "full", or allowing them to slip into bed with us at 6:00 a.m. despite our stand on anti-co-sleeping, because it beats actually getting up that early, or trying to wipe them on the potty while your agent is on the phone with you and hoping she doesn't hear the flush - not those. But the truly insane.

Like, I plotted an entire novel on the phone with my best critique partner/brainstorming buddy the other day while sitting on the hard kitchen floor, freezing my booty off in my PJ shorts and throwing three different bouncey-balls back and forth to keep Little Miss entertained for over half an hour, straining to hear my friend talk as Little Miss serenaded me with Disney song after Disney song.


The glam life of an author ;)

What do you find yourself doing as a multi-tasking Mom that makes you look up and giggle??

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Angela Verges said...

While waiting in the pick-up line at my sons school, I check email and read a blog or two. Then I call my best friend on the phone only to fall asleep on her because I still have 15 minutes before the school dismissal bell.